What We Do

Street Cones supports through the arts persons with criminal convictions, recovering addicts and young people by giving them a sense of ownership over their work, a voice in the creative process, discussion on stage with the audience in pre and post-show engagement (Spec-Actors) plus input in developing Street Cones as an organization; continuing dialogue amongst other 3rd sector organizations and stakeholders. We support personal empowerment to inspire and unlock creativity, work with the skills that are there to educate others and excite audiences.

Artistic raw performance is central to all of the Street Cones performing, events and films. We are committed to working with artistic partners who are skilled professionals and 3rd sector partners aligned to our goals and work. We seek out persons with lived experiences and been on the edge of the criminal justice system, recovering substance users and returning citizens coming out of prison to bring true creative experiences to our work.

Street Cones provides through care, peer mentoring, support, enhance strong interpersonal skills, pro social befriending, empowerment and assistance with the re-integration process back into the community. Support, mentor and listen to young people with life skills who are going through the transition process back into the community after being in residential care; with an understanding in their thoughts, opinions, sharing lived experiences with empathy for the journey ahead and most important listen to their voice. We listen and empower our future generation! Through creativity our aims are to raise awareness how negative emotions can affect our behaviour by looking at triggers igniting negative decision making, the ripple effect and peer pressure’s impact on re-offending, offending and substance misuse (legal highs). After each performance we will hold our question and answer session about the message we aim to get across in a language, tone and empathy young people and families will understand!

Theatre is a form of knowledge, it should and can be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just wait for it….