Established in 2014 by Ex-Offender Hugh Young after noticing within H.M.P Barlinnie Glasgow the profound effects that the arts can have on people who have experienced challenging circumstances plus be used as a mechanism to educate our young people. Street Cones strive towards educating others through our lived experiences of going through the criminal justice system, mentoring and resettlement of persons with criminal convictions, ex-prisoners and young people at risk of offending and bad decision making.

Our vision is founded on the belief that the arts can be transformative and challenges perceptions of both persons with criminal convictions and society, constructing a more positive future. Street Cones is committed to creative excellence, believing it to be an integral part of achieving a positive purpose in life during challenging circumstances. Street Cones are committed to mentoring, listening and working with lived care experienced young people and other professionals in Scotland so that when young people leave care, they have aspiration and hope with positive life chances also positive outcomes just like other young people.