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“For over forty years I have devoted myself to the study and communication of ways to create individual, social and environmental health. Teaching is my passion and I have been very fortunate to be invited to over 20 countries around the world to offer seminars and lectures on the topics I love.

Get in Touch if you are part of an educational organization or social group I invite you to consider sponsoring a weekend event. I promise you an informative, inspiring and even perhaps entertaining exploration of some of todays most important health issues.” – Bill Tara


Nutrition CourseWhen I was 24 I was introduced to the macrobiotic approach to eating, it seemed an interesting experiment. I was motivated by the philosophy and not so interested in the health claims even though I had a very bad case of duodenal ulcers. I was surprised when the pains began to fade away and finally disappear.
The hostility of my doctor to what I was doing, even though tests showed the ulcers were healed inspired me to study more. That was over 47 years ago and the situation hasn’t changed much. I continue to see people who have suffered for years needlessly when all they needed to do was change their diet and lifestyle.
This workshop explores the dynamics of health, how daily habits create health or disease and the life skills we need to create health, healing and vitality.

“Hands down, Bill Tara is an insightful and captivating speaker, prolific author and individual clearly dedicated to making the world a more conscious and healthier place.”
Verne Verona Author and Speaker


Did you ever ask yourself why there is so much confusion about nutrition? Everywhere you lookLost and Confused Signpost there is someone telling you that a different product should be shunned to prevent disease or one that should be used to produce glowing health. Is it no oil or low oil? Low protein or no protein? Antioxidants or omega 3’s? – On and on it goes.
We labour under a fog of mythologies; half-truths, advertising scams, corporate manipulations and scientific double speak. Many of the institutions that we might think would be the most dependable sources for facts turn out to be the most questionable. We should be aware of the fact that all the confusion is good for business and drives a marketplace worth billions of dollars.
We need to look at what has happened to our food historically to really get an idea about how the confusion was created, who profits from it and how it obscures the basic facts about food and health.

“As a medical doctor I believe that Bill has made a tremendous contribution to the challenge of helping people become healthy in the UK. I have always been impressed with the depth of his knowledge. His passion and delightful sense of humor enthrall any attending his seminars.”
- Martin R Innes, Consultant, Glasgow, Scotland


diabetesThe rates of diabetes (particularly Type 2) in the world are epidemic. It affects both young and old and undermines the quality of life and condemns millions of people to a lifetime of medication that only delays the inevitable outcomes of kidney damage, neuropathy, circulatory issues and even surgery.

The exciting truth is that it is a disease that can be reversed – quickly, safely and sustainably. This is something your doctor doesn’t tell you but now you can learn how on your own.

“So many people have created health and healing in their lives through Bill’s teaching and leadership. His teaching is always direct and insightful, drawing on his many years experience. His work has been invaluable to me as well as many others around the world.”

- Maria Gillott, Macrobiotic Cooking Teacher and program organizer


This workshop is designed for the serious student of macrobiotics or alternative health food-and-moodpractitioners. During the two days we will explore the relationship between nutrition, health, character and behavior. Part of the course will focus on the body language, speech patterns and emotions that are influenced by physical and energetic imbalance.


We will use a unique interpretation of the Chinese system of the Five Transformations as well as modern insight into the body/mind connection to explore the issues of physical and emotional wellbeing.

“I worked with Bill for many years and his knowledge regarding natural health is extraordinary. He is a natural presenter and teacher who makes the subject matter interesting and fun.”
- Fiona Fry Entrepreneur, Delaware, USA


THE-MODERN-MACROBIOTIC-ART-OF-HEALINGThis seminar is based on almost five decades of studies and practical experience. The practice of macrobiotics has changed over the years. Some of those changes reflect the collective experience of counselors and families and some reflect a loss of the core principles. Many of these changes are not reflected in macrobiotic publications.

Bill has the ability to go beneath the more esoteric and philosophical aspects of macrobiotic practice without losing the essence. He is well known for his ability to communicate the principles of macrobiotics in a way that is entertaining, practical and insightful.

“Bill is an experienced and inspiring lecturer who is constantly exploring new ideas. He keeps you directly focused on the subject at hand, informing and challenging you with humor and care. His deep insight is firmly based on years of practical experience.”
- Frans Saat and Marja Verroen, Rotterdam, Holland.


ten-healthy-habbitsWe are constantly getting told about the newest exercise routine, the latest diet, the miracle nutritional or the most recent mind-altering meditation technique – it drives us crazy.

The problem is that most of it is simply clever advertising. Research, Tradition and Common Sense all tell us that the secrets of good health are not a mystery. This one day workshop goes step-by-step through the simple and effective steps you can take in your daily life that are guaranteed to improve your health, reduce stress and make your life more joyful.

“Bill has a wealth of knowledge in many aspects of life and together with his engaging teaching style, always leaves people inspired.”
- Jan and Mieke Vervecken, International Shiatsu School, Belgium.


ORIENTAL-DIAGNOSISVisual diagnosis is one of the methods used in Asian medicine to provide insight into health by observation. By observing features of the face, hands and feet, posture and body language the practitioner can create a valuable health profile.

Bill Tara was one of Michio Kushi’s first students and appointed head of the Counselors Review Board. In 1975 he edited and published, “Your Face Never Lies” the first book on this lost art in English. This seminar focuses on how the art of Bo-Shin (the art of seeing) can help us better understand and interpret our body for better health.

“Bill Tara is a remarkable thinker and a very gifted and powerful inspirational speaker. I have known him for many years and still greatly enjoy listening to his remarks and thoughts on all areas of life, particularly natural health and environmental and social issues.”
- Francisco Varatojo, Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal


cancer--Natural-Healing-optionA report in the Annual Review of Public Health analysed statistics from 1975 through 1994 on the incidence of all cancers. The findings indicated that while the incidence of some cancers was in fact decreasing others were rising at an alarming rate. The most dramatic drop in cases was with lung cancer as a result of a drop in smoking. These are some of the shocking figures from the report.

• Overall cancer rates have increased by 22% and 56% among white women and white men, respectively, over the course of a single generation.
• “A contemporary woman’s risk of breast cancer is 54% greater than was her mother’s at the same age among blacks and 41% greater among whites.”
• “Men today have about a three- to four-fold risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer compared with their fathers.”

We have a choice to make, either we start looking at preventing the disease or we doom ourselves to the failure in that project and keep coming up with ways to try and extend our lives with drugs by 6 months, 8 months or even a year. This is called living with the disease and usually means that the quality of life is extremely compromised. This is not good enough.
Given the proper conditions, many cancers can reverse themselves. You can find out how to move beyond fear, gain control of your health and become empowered to understand the cancer risk factors and how to help the process of healing.


ancientechosThe world has produced thousands of healing traditions. Among the most primitive are those practices generally referred to as Shamanism. These traditions commonly include a particular spiritual/psychological approach to healing that is spontaneous, intuitive and taps into the individual’s capacity to heal through the use of imagery, meditation, chanting, song, poetry and ritual. Building on macrobiotic principles, this workshop is an exploration of the mind/body and energetic aspects of health and healing.
(Please Note: This workshop cannot be done with translation, only in English)



Bill and Marlene offer this program in two Day or One Week format. The UHE is aimed at introducing individuals to the basic life skills of healthy living.

The Ultimate Health Experience program is appropriate for those suffering from health related issues and for those who wish to transform through a full in-depth education of food and its effect on the body.

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